The Coo was born in April 2009. Needing a USP, Mandy decided to turn the bar into a Whisky Bar.

She started with 6 bottles of Malt Whisky and a limited knowledge of the product. As time went on and her knowledge grew, the collection expanded and word spread. The collection stands at over 130 bottlings now. I’ve tried every dram in the Coo, (somebody has to!!) I think the postie thought I was a secret alcoholic, as he often caught me sampling a new whisky quite early in the day.

Whisky has turned into my passion. It such an amazing product, that is sooo lovely and exciting, each bottle having its own distinct taste. I take selling my drams very seriously, and it is very important to me that a customer enjoys their dram; so I like to spend a little time chatting with a whisky drinker, ensuring they choose the right dram for themselves.

I had lots of lovely customers coming from Sweden and Germany each year to visit me, as well as my loyal locals who supported the Coo. During that time I was awarded a 5 star from Trip Advisor for 2012 and 2013, won the Drammie Award in 2013 and was voted ‘The Best Whisky Bar in The World’(!!) and had an entry in ‘Lonely Planet Travel Guide’ 2013. In June 2013 Curly Coo Bar, Crieff closed, due to the sale of the building. The great search was on to find another premises. I had searched hi & low across Scotland and saw many bars. Finally Mandy found the pub in Stirling.

‘When the agent took me to view, I knew as soon as she opened the door, this was the pub for me.’ Being a Sole Trader, the size and layout of the bar was very important, and the former Albion Bar fitted the bill.

Mandy is looking forward to building a loyal customer base here in Stirling, and a number of locals have already come to the Coo and she will be building on that. She will be holding regular Whisky Tastings, and organising a ‘Wee Whisky Fest’ around September time. Exciting times ahead growing my business, and look forward to seeing you at Curly Coo Bar.